Getting Confused

Hi Guys;

I’m getting confused. I am running a VPS through memset and wish to host other domains and what not with one IP Address.

Could you provide me with a link to a walkthrough on how i can create accounts which will allow me have different “users”. Bu this i mean i would like “accounta” to have it’s seperate DB etc to “accountb” and not the main “alternahost”

Thank you in advance!


Once you’ve installed Virtualmin, all you’d need to do is select the “Create Virtual Server” option, and create a new top-level Virtual Server.

That will create a unique username, website, database, and such for a given domain name.



Thank you ever so much for your help :slight_smile:

I managed to do it and it all works.

I am doing all this manually at the moment with the help of my other half, and virtualmin makes my life much easier. I do thank you once again for all your help.

Keep up the great work :slight_smile: