Get version information for update


in virtualmin i get infos about updates. This is not new an i know this for several months now.

… But:

Now there is an update to “5.3.3-7+squeeze16” (php5…)
The current version is “php5 5.3.3-7+squeeze15”

Where can i find more details about that new version ?

In this case (php5) i want to know which new php-version is used and through this which changes are included.
It’s important to check, if my applications are ready for those changes.



PHP is provided by your Linux distribution… in this case, that looks like Debian 6 “Squeeze”.

To determine the change list for Squeeze packages, go to, do a search for the package, and then pull up the changelog for that package.

Normally, it’s safe to update – distros don’t tend to make incompatible updates in their packages, especially with PHP.


Hi Eric,

thank you for your answer. Sure, especially php will be updates normally safe.

This is the current example and i am looking for an easy way to find the differences between my running package and the update. Also on you url it is absolutely not easy and quick to find the version from
and compare it with the changes in

I have to search for all packages of those update and then i have to click through all the versions.
That’s very time expensive … isn’t there an overview (best in virtualmin) ?
A list where ich can see, which changes in which packages will be installed with that update ?

Regards & thanks,

PS: In the past some very small changes in php had big consequences to us. A small update in handling special chars (f eg) can result in a total mess here (german chars, …)