gd2 and curl not running on domain?

I should have posted this in the newbie forum because I still am a noob.

I am trying to install phpmydirectory in a domain I have. Install keeps reporting that curl and gd2 are not installed, yet they are! I also have image magick installed which is an option other than gd2.

I’m stumpped because I know they are both installed (debian), and the server reports so when I apt-get install for either.

Here’s the php info page as run by ioncube (required and running) page for this domain:

If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would be most grateful. The install says they are not required to run the app, but I do need them both to run the app properly. Right now, I get a blank page when I try to install which isn’t right, but support is telling me I have to get curl and gd2 working before they address it.

Thanks ever so much guys and gals!


When you said you installed them, are you referring to having installed the PHP modules?

I think it may actually be the system version of curl and gd, in addition to the PHP modules you have installed.

So it may just be a matter of:

apt-get install curl libgd2