For me is new to work with a gateway but 'ive got these problem.

First of all i do a server dhcp with one interface and it’s work fine.
Now , i need to conect with pppoe and the problem is these:

1º i’ve got 2 interfaces , 1 i’ts eth0 that conect a local network , it’s the interface of server dhcp.
2º i’ve got a conect with ppp0 and it’s work ok
3º server dhcp not conect to ppp0 and i don’t kow what’s problem it¡s.

I 'm using shorewall to conect eth0 with ppp0 but it’s imposible to do for me.

I’ think that i can not to conect two interfaces.


This isn’t really a Webmin/Virtualmin kinda question. :wink:

But, I’m guessing you don’t have routing turned on in your kernel. You can enable routing in Webmin in the Network Configuration module.


thanks for reply me but i do it and works thanks