gateway timeout, nat and virtualmin

I recently just had virtualmin set up for me and noticed that not all of my sites are showing up. 2 of my sites were showing up ok and 3 were getting gateway timeout errors.

I have my server behind a NAT router and use the router as opposed to a firewall setup on linux. All ports are opened correctly I believe.

I think the sites were all working for a day or so but then just noticed the problems with some of them. I have not changed anything on my server.

Any ideas? I asked my ISP if they were blocking any ports and they said no. Also odd that 2 sites are working ok.


If you do a "host DOMAIN_NAME" on all of your domains (preferably doing this on a system other than your Virtualmin server), are each of them using the same IP address?

I could see reasons why you might get the errors you’re getting if somehow a few of those IP’s were different.