function of external ip address

Virtualmin 1.556
installed from
interface address is private, and NAT env.

i’d like to bind dns recortds for new domains.
so, setting following additional records area:

Virtualmin>System>ServerTemplate>Default_Setting>DNS>>BIND DNS records for new domains

smtp IN A ${IP}
pop IN A ${IP}

but record is private address.
is there function of external ip address?

and function lists, is there?



Virtualmin does support what you’re trying to do… what you can do to solve that is go into System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> Network Settings, and set “Default IP address for DNS records” to “Automatically detect external address”.

Once you save that, all new DNS records will use your external IP address.



already checked “Automatically detect external address”
so, another defaults records Automatically detect external address.
like www, ftp, mail, m, … from “Address records for new domains” checkbox records.

but additional “BIND DNS records for new domains” area records is still private address.

checked “Automatically detect external address”
“BIND DNS records for new domains”
smtp.${DOM}. IN A ${IP}
pop.${DOM}. IN A ${IP}
“Address records for new domains”
checked “www.domain”, “ftp.domain”, “m.domain”

=> create vritual server
=> dns redords is

smtp.domain. IN A private_address
pop.domain. IN A private_address
www.domain. IN A external_address
ftp.domain. IN A external_address
m.domain. IN A external_address

how can i set the records “smtp” and “pop” by default_setting.