Full disk when upgrade to 3.87.gpl

Hi, yesterday I did upgrade to 3.87.gpl, before this my disk was in 5 GB approx. but after this upgrade was increased to 12 GB, Now I was running some scripts and is almost in 18GB !!

In Filesystem quotas I see root used 14.34 GB.

Looks is not deleting tmp files after upgrade (Last upgrade same problem)

How clean these tmp files? How clean logs?

in /var/webmin/diffs/ I see a lot of folders. delete all these will solve problem?
in /var/cache/apt/archives I see a lot of files. delete all these will solve problem?

Regards !!


Well, while I’m sure the Virtualmin upgrade uses some space during the upgrade process – I’d be really surprised to learn that was even 50MB, let alone several GB’s.

So, I think the key here is to determine what specifically is using all that space.

If you think it might be related to the files in /var/webmin, you could run this command to see how much space all those files are using:

du -sh /var/webmin

The output of that command will show you the amount of space that entire directory structure is using.


allhen:~# du -sh /var/webmin

14M /var/webmin


This folder is not the problem !!


allhen:~# du -sh /var

14G /var


Problem is in var/log, a lot of big files !!

Thanks for all your help !!

Great, I’m glad you got that figured out!