Full backup isn't complete

I’ve scheduled a full backup, but i can’t find the database inside the backup.
Any suggestions?

In backup.tgz generated by Virtualmin, look for a file / archive with a name in the format of


There isn’t…

Virtualmin > backup and restore > backup logs > select a backup > full backup logs.
Do you see lines like this in the backup log?

“Dumping MySQL database nc …
… done”

And it is saved with a .gz extension. Should be the only file “inside” the backup with .gz.

I see

Dumping MySQL database domain name …
… done

But i can’t find the backup of the DB.

I’ve tried in two others vps with virtualmin and i’ve the same issue.

Backup files:
domain.it.tar.gz 550MB
domain.it.tar.gz.dom 7KB
domain.it.tar.gz.info 300bytes

Unzip that. Its in there.

Inside that file there isn’t.

I just downloaded a few. The databases are in there in mine, but they’re nestled a few archives deep; and the file structure isn’t very human-intuitive. The backups were in one of the numbered directories, in a subdirectory named .backup.

Poke around a bit. More than likely they’re in there somewhere.


By the way, there’s separate database backup function in Webmin that I suggest you enable. One can never have too many backups.


Thanks Richard!!!
So an hidden folder where store a backup it’s really a bad idea.
On my OSX i dont show the hidden folder so…
Thank you again!
Best Regards

Ika :wink:

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I think the backup structure is more designed for machines than humans.


It would be useful not to put the backup folder in hidden folders.

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