Full and Incremental backups best practice

Last month I had a bad experience with a VPS provider. My VPS went down for three days after the host node hosting about 30 VPS’s suffered multiple disk failures. It would have not been an awful experience if I had full and incremental backups being copied to another server location. It was a painful lesson indeed. My question is regarding full backups.

I now have a scheduled full backup being SCP to another server at a different data center at the 1st of the month. I then have an incremental backup scheduled to start every midnight excluding the 1st day of the month which also uses SCP to transfer the backup files to the same data center where the full backup was sent. The server receiving the backup files have two folders one for full backup and another folder containing incremental backups. Is a month too long to use for full backups? I am not using the option “Do strftime-style”

Thank you.


Sounds like a good idea to move that stuff off-site!

Is a month too long to use for full backups

The biggest reason to use a month for backups, is if you could see a user coming to you one day, and asking for a file they deleted a month ago.

If you’re primarily concerned about server-wide disaster recovery, I’m not sure you’d need more than 7-10 days.


One extremely important “Best practice” is actually to restore a backup a few times (incremental and full).

I agree!

Good to know my backup plan is almost the same as everyone else! It would also be nice to have another option for the backup destination to use most of the popular cloud storage like amazon.

The pro version does have this option (for example s3)


Using Amazon S3 for storage is actually one of the options of Viirtualmin Pro.

So, in addition to having Local Directory, FTP, and SSH server as options – Virtualmin Pro contains the additional option "Amazon S3 bucket ".


Wow thank you for the super fast reply! It’s like having a live person tech support :slight_smile:

If you are a Pro customer, the support is even better I heard :slight_smile:

Once per week I do a full backup, and daily incrementals.

And I keep even multiple previous months of backups. 1-2 per month (only the fulls, no incrementals). That exactly for the reason Eric mentioned: It happens from time to time that a customer requests getting an old file or database entry restored, when they noticed by chance that something got broken a while back. :slight_smile:

You get higher priority as a Pro customer and can post in the issue tracker, yep. But Eric is doing a really good job for the GPL users here too!

Actually I do have a license for Virtualmin Pro I just need to upgrade it to allow me host more virtual domains. I also have a license for Cloudmin. I do agree you get even quicker response times for being a paid customer. Joe, Jamie and anyone else involved do an outstanding job putting out an excellent product!