FTPD login problem


When I login on ftp I see ALL the files and folders on the server.
Because I installed a virtual server I was expecting to see only the folders which belong to the virtual server domain.

so instead of newdomain/public_html, the ftp show all folders on server inclusif the root /.

I edited the virtual server under mail and ftp users and did the following:
-checked access for only the main website directory.
-Only ftp access
-login permission: only ftp

I tryed many different settings but as soon as I login with fpt, the same problem, I see all folders instead of those from the virtual servers domain.

What could be the problem here?

Thanks for your very appriciated help!

Hi friends,

I have found the solution in the meantime thanks to the reply of Eric in the forum:
“That’s all configurable in Limits and Validation -> FTP Directory Restrictions.”

That settings was not correct.
Now it works perfectly!