FTP Users backup

I’m using virtualmin gpl 3.83 , centos 5.5 and am not sure if it is a bug…

  • domain email disabled
  • proFTPd server disabled

Im in a situation where i do backups of a virtual server, but have domain email and proftp server disabled.

I have some ftp users for the domain that i create for database access use from php scripts.

However, after a test restore, it seems everything is ok apart from the one problem that the ftp users are not restored. I’m not sure if it was that they are not backed up in the first place or if its that they aren’t restored from the file… I do believe it is a symptom of one or the other, or both of the domain email and ftp servers being disabled.

The backup i am using is a scheduled local backup to \backup. However, i have seen the same issue occur on ssh backup. I am using the one file per server method, I also think that it occurred with the other backup formats as well.

I am worried about this as I need the ftp users to be restored and backed up even without the domain email and proftp services disabled…

Is this a bug or error, or am I doing something totally wrong… ?

Much thanks