FTP user can browse entire server[SORRY: SOLVED]

I have fresh Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server edition AMD64 + xubuntu-desktop installed (I selected to install openssh only). I installed Virtualmin with install.sh. created first user but using ftp he can browse not only /home/username but entire system. How to restrict acces to only to /home/username folder?

When I installed Ubuntu I mounted one partition (separate SATA disk) to /home directory.

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You can definitely limit users to their homedir and the directories underneath that.

To configure that, log into Virtualmin, and click:

Webmin ->Servers -> ProFTPD Server -> Files and Directories

In Files and Directories, you’ll see this:

"Limit users to directories"

I have mine set to “Home Directory”, and for “UNIX Groups” after that, rather than being set to “Everyone”, it’s set to “!adm” – meaning anyone in the adm group is not limited to their home directory.

Thank You very much! I had many problems with ISPconfig (on my old server) and I was trying to setup ISPconfig on new server, but I had many errors (I was installing server using perfect setup) and it was hard to get answers in forums. But Virtualmin installation was piece of cake- I just need to run install.sh and that’s all :slight_smile: