FTP user and access of newly migrated cPanel account

Guys, help me understand this:

I’ve just migrated an account from cPanel using the simple upload of backup feature.

This has successfully created a new virtual server. So far so good.

How do I gain FTP access to this? In cPanel, whenever a new account is setup, FTP for that user is also created along with it.

Is it not like that with Virtualmin? When I click on “list users” it shows my newly created user for that particular virtual server as “having FTP access” – so how do I actually use it?

Using Filezilla and logging in with:

  • does nothing. It just won’t connect, even with non-secure connection.

What am I doing wrong or not understanding?

Thanks very much

Err okay, many hours later with trying different ports and whatnot, I find that it is merely because I’m trying to make an FTP connection to an SFTP server.

Problem solved, it appears.