FTP Permissions

This is an interesting one.

I have one domain abc.com and one sub-domain xyz.abc.com. IO am trying to setup FTP accounts for two individuals. One person is responsible for abc.com and the other is responsible of xyz.abc.com. These two individuals should never be able to see\edit each others files. I setup the accounts but this is what happens.

When I make the account for abc.com user he also has access to xyz.abc.com.

When I make the account for xyz.abc.com user, he only sees xyz.abc.com.

Is there a way that I can make the FTP users for abc.com to only see the public_html for abc.com?

Thanks in advance.


I suppose you created xzy.abc.com as a sub-server for abc.com. Then FTP access users in abc.com who are not restricted to public_html would also have access to xyz.abc.com because it resides in a subdirectory.

To completely separate the two domains, just create two parent (top-level) servers. In Virtualmin, servers and sub-servers are not coupled to domains and sub-domains, as I outlined in your other post. Sub-servers can have any domain name, and conversely sub-domains do not HAVE to be sub-servers.

@Eric: You need an FAQ page explaining this stuff (if there isn’t already), seeing how often users ask this. :slight_smile:

Thank you again