FTP options: SSL and Multiple users

Hi people.

I’ve noted that when using one FTP app, say Dreamweaver, on a site, I cannot log in with another app until I log out with Dreamweaver. Is there a simple way of enabling more than one FTP user at at time on all my Virtualmin sites?

I’ve also mused about somehow enabling FTP over SSL, but I guess this means using the self-generated SSL certificates within Webmin. I’m not really up on all the “terminal” type commands in Webmin, can do the menu or module config options, but I don’t know SSH or terminal commands etc.

If there’s a simple way to do this, please let me know; otherwise I would have to hire a server techie.




Operating system CentOS Linux 5.11
Webmin version 1.720
Virtualmin version 4.12.gpl GPL Theme version 8.7
Kernel and CPU Linux 2.6.18-400.el5 on i686


Hmm, it shouldn’t be a problem to have multiple FTP users logged in at one time, I hadn’t heard of an issue where only one would be able to login.

That said, is Dreamweaver able to use SFTP (which, behind the scenes, goes over SSH)? I’d be curious if you see the same issues there or not.



As Eric has mentioned, it is better to make use of SFTP which makes use of the SSH protocol instead of FTP over SSL. SFTP doesn’t require any fancy certificate either, but is secure by default.

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