FTP - LIST command stalls

So, the offending firewall is inside the virtual system?

You wouldn’t (shouldn’t) be able to insert modules into the host kernel from within the guest system–so I think I’m confused.

Yes, the offending firewall is inside the virtual machine but what I’m saying is that making the mods in the Virtual machine also affected the physical host, but not is a good way.

I know that OpenVZ is “containerized” but it’s not run as a completely separate entity to the best of my knowledge. perhaps its a bug of some sort.

i happen to have an openvz as well (as a slave-nameserver).
You can’t do anything related to the kernel whereas under Xen you can do limited things assuming your host knows his stuff.

iptables for one is extremely limited under openvz and not really worth making a fuzz about on your system, unless you want to run services under different ports than the defaults.

On a side note: My experience with such a VPS is that RAM is extremely important as you do not have swap. Also the OS template your host is using as some have rpmforge enabled which can screw things up for Webmin in a nasty way.

It was filezilla I was using