FTP Help

HI Everyone,

Asking for help after googling, forum searching, and trying tips forever.

What I would like is to setup ftp access so that a user can ftp all the accounts created in virtualmin.

So instead of;

Account A = ftp A
Account B = ftp B
Account C = ftp C

I would just like

Account A, B, C = ftp X with full ftp permission access (edit files, move, delete, etc…not root permissions).

I can login, see all the files for all the accounts, but when I try to do anything with the files, I get a “Permission Denied” error. So I can see the files…that’s it.

I also changed the ftp user to the www-data group since all the accounts/domains belong to that group…still didn’t work.

Any suggestions or help would greatly be appreciated. I know I’m missing "something: somewhere. I also installed proftpd as a webmin module and it’s already installed through Debian. After that, most of what I found about the topic started to repeat.


There’s unfortunately no Virtualmin-supported way to do that, with different top-level Virtual Servers.

You could do that if you’re creating a top-level Virtual Server with a series of Sub-Servers – in that case, an FTP user could make changes to all the domains there.

But with different top-level Virtual Servers, there isn’t a Virtualmin-supported way to be able to edit the content for all the domains.

If you didn’t want to do the above, using Sub-Servers, what you could do is setup a common group between all your domains, and then make sure all your files and directories are group-readable, writable, and executable. By default, they’re not likely group writable.

The various home directories in /home aren’t group readable by default either, for security reasons, you’d need to make sure that every directory leading up to each DocumentRoot was accessible by your group.


OK Thanks.