FTP Directory Restrictions missing in Limits and Validation

Webmin 1.984
Virtualmin 6.17-3

|OS type and version:| REQUIRED |
Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3

FTP Directory Restrictions is missing in Limits and Validation
All that is available under Limits and Validation is Validate Virtual Servers

Then you’ve logged in with a user that doesn’t have permission to set that. It’s all there and just fine on mine.

Make sure you haven’t inadvertently logged in with a user that doesn’t have admin permissions on that server.

Root login makes sense. However I’m logged in as root and the FTP Restrictions are still missing.


You are correct. I just spun up a new server and the FTP Directory Restrictions are right there.
Is there a way to reinstall that feature on the faulty server?

There’s only one thing that makes any sense to me: when that VS was created, it was created as a customer server that didn’t have root access.

I’ve seen people do that by setting up default templates for virtual servers and then inadvertently assigning the wrong template to one that they create.

If that is the case, then I would think you’d have to create a new one and migrate. I’m not aware of a way to change that.

The only thing I can think of is to go to that virtual server, and under Administrative Options (Right under the Edit Databases Tab) try to add a new extra administrator and see if that user has access to it after you log in with it.

Go to System Settings ⇾ Features and Plugins and enable ProFTPD virtual FTP feature (at the very bottom):

… and afterwards clear cache:


@Jamie, we should clear links cache automatically after saving Features and Plugins page (or if this particular feature was changed).

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That fixed it. Thanks!

Yes, if the code doesn’t already clear the links cache after saving features, it should … because this would effect the contents of the left menu.

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It actually does. It doesn’t reload the menu thought as the call ends with redirect. I will see if we can improve it.

Ok, that sounds like something we should fix.

Yes, I already fixed that. Thanks.

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