FTP Directory Restriction bug


  1. I have virtualmin version 4.x (i don’t know how to check the exact version number of virtualmin, where is it?) installed on a Debian 8 server. I now have created 3 virtual servers so I have 3 different users for 3 websites. The problem is i tried to use FTP Directory Restriction to apply restriction only to virtual server home directory, so basically:

User A on /home/A
User B on /home/B
User C on /home/C

When i use FTP to check, I can see that user A cannot access /home/B (this is good), however, he can go to root directory / and see all other important directories on my main server root, like /etc for example. Why i get this? Is it a bug?

  1. I have another question. In virutalmin documentation - Upgrading Virtualmin Software - I read that “When a new version is available, you will see a message on the System Information page stating that there are Virtualmin package updates available”. However, why i don’t see notification to upgrade my Virtualmin from 4.x to 5.x? I only see update notices about Debian packages

Thank you for your time!