FTP deletion failed : Can't remove directory: Directory not empty


My FTP backups will not delete due to them not being emptied. I check them and they are not emptied at all. Virtualmin creates them no problem though.

Error is as follows:

Deleting backups from /backup/full/%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M on FTP server xxx.net older than 3 days .. Deleting FTP file /backup/full/2014-08-08-08-39, which is 3 days old .. .. FTP deletion failed : RMD /backup/full/2014-08-08-08-39 failed : Can't remove directory: Directory not empty

The FTP server is remote.

Any ideas what the problem is? I am deleting myself at the moment using WinSCP.


Can you manually delete those files/directories via FTP? It might be an access right issue.

Otherwise, I can see that Virtualmin calls the backup a “file” in one line and a “directory” in the next. It might be confused about what it actually is.

If you can use WinSCP to connect to the backup space, you could maybe also use scp/SFTP in the Virtualmin backup instead of FTP? Has the advantage that it’s encrypted and stuff.