FTP and Mail query


I have two problems/queries that I hope to get solved. Both problems exist on a CentOS 5 system with latest Virtualmin GPL. Although for normal operation these wouldn’t be considered a “problem”, I consider them a problem.

Is there any way to completely remove the FTP functions from Virtualmin? I disabled it in the ‘Features and Plugins’ however ‘Edit FTP Users’ still shows up in the root account as well as any user accounts. After that failed miserably, I decided to just delete the ProFTPd module, which just created more problems and crond complained that the ‘ProFTPd module could not be found’. I did however untick FTP log in the bandwidth monitoring config before deleting the module.

Since I have the FTP and Mail plugins disabled, why does ‘Mail/FTP users %n of %n’ and ‘Mail aliases %n of %n’ still show up on user accounts? How can I disable this. The system still creates user mailboxes despite me disabling the feature prior to creating the accounts.

Thank you

Well, although it says “Edit FTP Users”, it also allows the creation of other user types… such as MySQL and Subversion users.

And the feature listed in “Features and Plugins” is “ProFTPd virtual FTP”… “virtual FTP” implies a specific kind of FTP that’s tied to a dedicated IP address.

So, there’s no way to make that screen go away… but you can prevent a Virtual Server owner from creating a user with FTP access. You can also stop the FTP daemon from running if you don’t want anyone using FTP.

To prevent FTP users from being created, go into System Customization -> Custom Shells. Under where it says “Path to Shell”, look for the shell named “/bin/false”… and next to that, uncheck the “Enabled” button.

As far as mail for your Virtual Server owner goes – go into Edit Mail and FTP Users (or just FTP users in your case), click the username, and look at “Email Settings”. Is “Primary email address enabled” set to “No”?