FTP 777 BUG?

First of all, I like Virtualmin.
and i have tried many, “MANY” and out of those, Virtualmin is the best.
But there is a weird problem i am facing.
Okay, let me start.
I have a user called “test”. his home directory is /home/test.
I have 1 domain “test.com” and a subdomain “a.test.com
and directory of a.test.com is “/home/test/domains/a.test.com/public_html”.

Okay… Now, when i log into FTP using “test” credentials, i can read/view files from whole /home/test.
But i cannot upload to a.test.com.

I cant understand, basically its the same user…
and the worst part is, 775 also doesnt work, i can upload only when its 777.
So is this a bug?


It sounds like there’s a problem with the permission of the directory you’re uploading into.

Can you verify that the user and group that own the directory you’re trying to upload into are both “test”?