from virtualmin gpl to virtualmin pro


I have got virtualmin installed on a fedora core 8 server and try to upgrade this morning to version pro.
I modify the repo as explained in the forum but i receive each time an error message like this :

Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
Options Error: Error parsing ‘ enabled=1’: URL must be http, ftp, file or https not “”
… done

Don’t see any problem in my repo files.

The second option in the forum is to completely wipe the virtualmin package and re-install.
I am really afraid of doing tht thing, i hve 20 domains right now with mail, web server, sql database …
When i use the backup procedure, is all the info backuped ?
This mean also that service will be shutdown for the customers.

Is anybody already do this cleaning and restore ?

Thanks for your help and support.

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A little much more info, my fedora release is fc 9 and not 8, and i found the first problem, in the repo file the "enable =1" must be on a new line.

I now have another error :

Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
Error: Need to pass a list of pkgs to install
Usage: yum [options] COMMAND

List of Commands:

check-update Check for available package updates
clean Remove cached data
deplist List a package’s dependencies
erase Remove a package or packages from your system
groupinfo Display details about a package group
groupinstall Install the packages in a group on your system
grouplist List available package groups
groupremove Remove the packages in a group from your system
help Display a helpful usage message
info Display details about a package or group of packages
install Install a package or packages on your system
list List a package or groups of packages
localinstall Install a local RPM
makecache Generate the metadata cache
provides Find what package provides the given value
reinstall reinstall a package
repolist Display the configured software repositories
resolvedep Determine which package provides the given dependency
search Search package details for the given string
shell Run an interactive yum shell
update Update a package or packages on your system
upgrade Update packages taking obsoletes into account

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-t, --tolerant be tolerant of errors
-C run entirely from cache, don’t update cache
-c [config file] config file location
-R [minutes] maximum command wait time
-d [debug level] debugging output level
–showduplicates show duplicates, in repos, in list/search commands
-e [error level] error output level
-q, --quiet quiet operation
-v, --verbose verbose operation
-y answer yes for all questions
–version show Yum version and exit
–installroot=[path] set install root
–enablerepo=[repo] enable one or more repositories (wildcards allowed)
–disablerepo=[repo] disable one or more repositories (wildcards allowed)
-x [package], --exclude=[package]
exclude package(s) by name or glob
disable exclude from main, for a repo or for
–obsoletes enable obsoletes processing during updates
–noplugins disable Yum plugins
–nogpgcheck disable gpg signature checking
disable plugins by name
–skip-broken skip packages with depsolving problems
… done
Some errors occurred while upgrading your system to Virtualmin Pro. Please check the messages above for possible causes.



Hrm, so it sounds like something isn’t working right with the upgrade of FC9 from GPL to Pro.

What exactly is it you’re doing (or typing) when the above message shows up? That is, how are you going about the upgrade?


I try to upgrade using the console virtualmin, and the "Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro" menu, i enter my serial and thats it.

I don’t try the script, a littlebit scare to have my server down…

I try to upgrade using the console virtualmin

Sounds like this is not a wise course of action for you, since you’re unfamiliar with yum. Who suggested that?

The Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro option should work, and if it doesn’t we’ll help you make it work. What error(s) do you get when you try to upgrade using the Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro feature?

Note that you must undo whatever you did in modifying the yum configuration during your console attempt if using the feature within Virtualmin–it will confuse it into thinking things were installed differently than they actually were, and may break things (possibly in confusing and hard to repair ways).

I find somewhere on the forum that to update virtualmin using the interface i must add the repo in yum like this :

create a file virtualmin.repo into the directory /etc/yum.repos.d

name=fedora $releasever - $basearch

name=Virtualmin Distribution Neutral

That what i try, i just replace the "Red Hat Enterprise " by "fedora".

Perhaps it is not the right repos ?

Idon’t do anything elase and my virtualmin gpl is still running well.

I find somewhere on the forum that to update virtualmin using the interface i must add the repo in yum like this

So, we’re talking about two orthogonal questions here.

Upgrading to Virtualmin Professional from GPL is one issue. And, if the “Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro” option within Virtualmin does not work, we need to know the errors you’re seeing. We will help you with any problems that arise when using that option within Virtualmin.

The other issue is whether you want to convert to a yum-based installation. This is, obviously, a more complex question than upgrading. And, it’s worth noting, the Fedora 9 repository for Virtualmin Professional is untested–it’ll probably work, and I think all of the necessary packages are there, but I’ve never done a test install on Fedora 9 (Fedora is a poor choice for servers, due to its very short life cycle, and so it is far less popular than CentOS/RHEL for Virtualmin). And, even more importantly to this specific discussion, there are no Fedora 9 repositories for Virtualmin GPL. If you use the yum configuration above (pointing to /gpl/fedora), it will not work and cannot be expected to work, because no such repository exists.

So, let’s tackle these two issues one at a time:

Since no GPL repositories exist for Fedora, you’ll need to upgrade to Pro first. Then we can convert you to a yum-based installation if you like (but please be careful with this process…it seems like you’re not really familiar with all of the repercussions of this process…converting an install from .wbm to RPM requires a bit of knowledge and care, and I would strongly suggest you have good backups before starting).

So, go ahead and perform the upgrade (after fixing your yum configuration to not contain the broken fedora virtualmin.repo definition file–seriously, this will confuse Virtualmin, and it will either fail or break things if you try to upgrade with that file in place). If you get errors, let us know what they are, and we will help you resolve them.

Thanks for your help,
I just want to upgrade to virtualminpro, don’t care of ym update if not neccessary.

So i just left my yum.repos.d as it was this mornig and try to update :

Here is the error message :


Failed to upgrade to Virtualmin Pro : Virtualmin has been installed from an RPM, but not using the Virtualmin GPL repository. Upgrading is not possible at this time.

I am now in release gpl 3.582 on fc9


Well crap. We aren’t handling Fedora very well at all here. That’s kind of an impossible situation you’ve got there, isn’t it? :wink:

Would you like me to drop in and perform the upgrade (and conversion to yum) for you? Drop me an email at with the details, if that’s possible.

If not, we’ll go through the steps to trick Virtualmin into doing the right thing (which I suspect will actually involve doing the things I just told you to undo, but this time getting the config file syntax correct).

Ok i just send you the mail.