Fresh install Ubuntu 10.04 and Virtualmin

What is the best tutorial or way to install and configure ubuntu 10.04 server so I can install Virtualmin on top and host my web pages.


Install Ubuntu without any server packages, i.e. “bare” with only SSH. Make sure to have an externally resolvable, fully qualified host/domain name for the server.

Instructions for automated (highly recommended) Virtualmin installation are here:

Tanks a lot.

You’re welcome, and good luck hosting web stuffs! If you have questions, feel free to ask, since I’m using the exact same setup. :slight_smile:

And when should instal php mysql and apache or instal lamp before instaling virtualmin or after?


The Virtualmin installer actually handles installing most of that for you – it’ll make sure Apache, MySQL, PHP, amongst many other things – are on there.

My recommendation would be to do a minimal installation of your distribution, run the Virtualmin installer, and then poke around to see what all is there. Then, if you happen to notice something not there that you want, go ahead and install it.


Yep, what Eric said.

One thing you might need to post-install is the PHP MySQL module. You’ll see that when the first site you install wants to access a MySQL database and complains about missing functions. :slight_smile:

I instal virtualmin on the server in my home network with local ip and it’s was ok. But when i set the dedicated IP and a run re-chech there was some problem whit postfix:
“Your Postfix configuration is missing the system’s mail hostname xxxx from the mydestination line, which will cause mail to bounce.”

I follow and still noting. I put
mydestination =, localhost xxxx
in /etc/postfix/ and restart the postfix and still noting.

Any help
Tanks a lot


What output do you receive if you run the command “hostname” on your server?

It’s that name which needs to exist on the mydestination line of your file.


i receive xxxx when i run the hostname command.

I don’t know what name should exist on mydestination in . I just see that in /etc/postfix/ at the and of mydestination line there mas be my hostname, so i put it there.

Any suggestion?

Well, if “xxxx” is what’s returned by the “hostname” command, then that’s what would need to go at the end of your mydestination line. You can add that in addition to whatever else is on that line.

Also, make sure you have the most recent Virtualmin version… some previous versions mis-detected what the current hostname was, so it gave the error you’re seeing incorrectly. The most recent version (3.87) doesn’t have that problem.


As I wrote i add the hostname “xxxx” at the and of mydestination. And restart postfix after and still no lack. Virtualmin don’t work. I have the virtualmin 3.87 gpl version.

mydestination =, localhost xxxx

Sorry as I wrote the content of mydestination is see that there in no “,” after localhost.
My bed. Now it’s working ok.

Tanks a lot :slight_smile:

Now it’s ok