Fresh Fedora Core 5 Install and Webmin

Will try to be concise but brief.

I used to use webmin on FC2 via my hosting company.

They removed webmin after security issues last year.

I am now on a virtual server running FC5

They say if I want Webmin, I must install myself.

I have tried this SEVERAL times and everything appears to go OK.

When trying to log on via browser on port 10000, the browser times out.

IPtables have been changed accordingly.

Auth:PAM has been installed.

Miniserver is up and running.


All the documentation about using and setting up Webmin, assumes you can actually connect to it.

I can not find information about getting it working in the first place.

<b>Where am I going wrong, where do I start looking.</b>

Can somebody please help, as I really need to get back to Webmin, as it is my prefered Control panel

Thanks to Joe, I have this sorted, but I thought I would put the link to the solution up on this area of the forum.

The answer to my problem is[a href="">HERE</a>