French translation ?


I’m just discovering Virtualmin but I’m confused as I see nowhere something to setup interface in french. Is Virtualmin not localised ?




You can change the language by going into Webmin -> Webmin -> Change Language and Theme.


Thanks Eric for clarification :slight_smile: so it means I have no way to define language per user, right ?

With “user”, do you mean “server owner”?

Those can choose their language when you enable the option “Change language and theme” of your server template, section “Administrator’s Webmin Modules”.

The server owner should then see a link to do so under “Webmin Modules / Change language and theme”.

With the option that Eric mentioned you configure the default value for language and theme.

Got it and it’s perfect :slight_smile: only issue is that most of menus of Virtualmin are not translated, very few are in french :frowning:

oky so I installed wbmtranslator module in Webmin and so I start translations in french of all modules not yet translated or not yet fully translated in french :slight_smile: