FreeBSD Support

Does a FreeBSD install by script just work now or is it still wonky?

I’ve had nothing but trouble trying to bring 1 freebsd system online after install by script. I’ve been building a server for deployment for over a year, and every time it’s about ready to go, it breaks after a VM upgrade. We’ve resolved the same problems over and over again, usually something to do with bad paths. Today I’m fighting the broken suexec problem and failure of lookup-domain to load on boot.

It is getting very frustrating.

I’m becoming afraid of putting this system into production.

OK…here’s the fix

suexec problem: could not disable it in template while existing virtual server used it, and could not change virtual server because of config checks. Forums said just disable suexec use, but that wasn’t allowed by VM.
Fix: Delete all existing virtual servers. Edit ALL tempates to run PHP as apache user. Now at least I can use the system, but I cannot install & run php scripts properly. Since I need a mail server right now more than a web server that run php, I’ll have to live with it. would not start on boot: The file /usr/local/webmin/virtual-server/ has an error.

The line: $ENV{‘WEBMIN_CONFIG’} ||= “/etc/webmin”;

should be: $ENV{‘WEBMIN_CONFIG’} ||= “/usr/local/etc/webmin”;

At least to make it run in my system installed by script.

I thought FreeBSD had been promoted to a class A system, but when I checked docs I see it is still only class “B” so I guess I should expect glitches. But it would be nice if it stopped breaking on VM upgrades.

Yeah, although it’s rated a B, that means it should have some rough edges – ideally, even an install of a “B” rated OS would work out of the box.

My recommendation would be to file bug reports and let Joe and Jamie work with you to figure out what’s going awry.

Out of curiosity, are you using Virtualmin Pro or GPL?


Pro version. I’ve been working on this server off and on since the freebsd install script was released. And I’ve been in regular contact with Jamie about issues

Yeah, I certainly understand your frustration.

I’ll pass along your concerns – but what you’ve been doing is the right thing though, working with Jamie (and perhaps Joe) to fix things in the Support tracker.

If you feel things move backwards, just let them know!

Sometimes it’s easy to fix an issue at a time and not see what’s going on with the big picture… share your concerns with them and they’ll do their best to help.