Free V Pro

Before I work out how to install Cloudmin so it is working, I would first like to understand what the difference is between Free & Pro.

At present I am only looking for web hosting solutions

Once installed on server A I would like to be able to create 10 VPS containers, (other than the main on)

Do I need to have Pro to do this?

Do I need to install Virtualmin on all 10 VPS containers?

After this is working, I would like to create another 10 VPS containers on server B

Can this be done by using the Cloudmin install on server A or will I need to install Cloudmin on Server B

Webmin appears to be the base product of all products.

What about Virtualmin Free V Pro

At the moment I can run Virtualmin on both Server A & Server B for Free, creating as many web sites as I want. What is the advantage of paying and I am confused about what I get for the payment.

I would like to expand a business web hosting using your products, I just need to know what costs I would be looking at as I expand.

On the other hand I also like to contribute towards things I use as I appreciate the time, cost & effort that goes into creating such products.

Many thanks


Using Cloudmin GPL, you could setup any number of Xen or KVM based Virtual Machines on one server.

If you install another instance of Cloudmin GPL, you could do the same on another server.

What Cloudmin Pro would allow you to do is have one Cloudmin instance that could manage Virtual Machines on any number of servers. You can also mix and match Virtual Machine types with Cloudmin Pro.

Also, you don’t need to put Virtualmin on the Virtual Machines. Or if you do, you can put Virtualmin Pro or GPL, it doesn’t matter which.

There is a comparison here of Virtualmin Pro, GPL, and some other products:

The large number of Install Scripts, reseller features, and support are some of the larger reasons people purchase Virtualmin Pro.


Thanks for the update

Does the number on the licence, for Cloudmin, relate to VPS containers or servers it can create / control?

Is it worth me buying the “Cloudmin for Physical Systems Annual License”? I currently run two servers, both with Virtualmin GPL on them, I also have a 3rd I am setting up.


A “Cloudmin 10” license means it can manage 10 VPS’s across any number of hosts.

A Cloudmin for Physical Systems license gives you a centralized place to manage any number of Virtualmin servers.

The Cloudmin 10 license also includes everything that Cloudmin for Physical Systems offers.


I have purchased the Cloudmin for Physical Systems Annual License and will install that on a server over the week end to see how it works with my current Virtuialmin servers.

My problem with my Cloudmin setup, is not to do with Cloudmin but how I set up the ip’s, I have been issued, to work on the server. I have tried many ways to get them to work but they only seem to work as stand alone ips not with bridging