Found a Minor Bug in Webmin File Manager

OS type and version Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS
Webmin version Webmin 2.105

@Ilia , I found a minor bug in webmin file manager. When i created a folder “demofolder” and inside the folder contains 2 other folders and 4 files. Now when i apply attributes to “demofolder” +T and selected “recursive” then the operation wents sucessfull and the attributes for folders got changed as expected but it also shows up an error, i know it is because that +T cant be applied to files, it only applies to folders. But then why error i mean it should simply skip the files and doesnt show error.

To fix this soft error i think there should be option to select while using recursive mode, Like Apply to only all directories, apply to only all files and apply to both all files and directories.



I don’t think we need to add any extra options here. We should keep it working as chattr command does – return a clear error. Although, the improvement here is that we need to return an actual error message from chattr command. Here is the patch to address it:

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Thankyou sir for the fix :slightly_smiling_face:

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