Forward mutiple wemin to 443/80

**Operating system:Ubuntu
**OS version:20lts


I know this is a simple answer for Webmin techs …

Say I have 3 Webmin/Virtualmin servers and I wish to have them all face outside (the internet) but I can only port forward 443 and 80 once for the Nginx and Apache servers.

What’s the easiest way to forward all 3 so they can all serve 443/80 ?

so if I have:
website 1 on webmin1
website 2 on webmin2
website 1 on webmin3

all website need to be https (443)so far i can only use webmin1, i have websites on other webmin which i cannot use because i have no idea how to forward them

i have tried forwarding Webmin 2 and 3 using Webmin 1 but I have no success yet unless I am missing something.


Found a solution…i simply used nginx proxy to proxy 443 and 80 to the servers…

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