Forward mails those are not spam

I want to forward mails those are not classified as spam by spamassassin, I can see “Email Filters” in usermin however, but I can’t see any condition where I can set that if mail is not spam then forward.
I see following choices as condition :

All email
Email classified as spam
Spam score is at least
Based on header Header
Email smaller than
Email larger than
Based on regular expression

What I can guess is that third one ie. “spam score is at least” can work for my need (ie. if mail is not marked as spam) .

But I am confused here, if it was "Spam score is at most " then would have added “5” (default max score for spamassassin to pass mail) but here its asking least , so if I add 1 then everything more than 1 will be pass, even more than five.

Please advice how can I filter mail those are not spam and forward them to desired address ?