forum time out login error


not sure if this is just me or not
but i have remember me for the forum here

and when i login, and leave the window open, then come back
it tells me i have been logged out

that’s fine, but when i go to login again, it doesn’t do anything after i hit login

it just displays the login screen again
but when i go to the forum, i have actually been logged in

using firefox 1.5


Hey Dave,

I’ve seen this a couple of times also, now. I’ve been unable to figure out what’s going wrong with the session handling, but I’m hopeful that an upgrade of OpenACS to 5.2.x will resolve it. That upgrade is coming as soon as a couple of the packages we use have been updated to work on the new OACS version (unfortunately, OACS is in a seeming state of decline, as no one is maintaining the vast majority of packages available for it–which means I’ll probably have to do the work to update those packages to work, which obviously takes a backseat to Virtualmin work).