Forum posting disabled temporarily [resolved]

Howdy all,

I’m doing a test migration of data to a new Discourse forum, and so I’ve temporarily disabled posting new topics or commenting on topics.

If things go well, we’ll be on a new forum before the weekend is over. If things don’t go well, I’ll turn posting back on here within a few hours. Apologies for any inconvenience for the surprise forum pause. Things are going so well with the “new forum” project, I really didn’t plan to be this far along this soon! Discourse is an incredibly well-built piece of software.



Edit: Testing is finished for the night, so posting has been re-enabled. We’ll do it again probably tomorrow evening…hopefully for the last time.

SUCCES and nice. :wink:


Yay! finally something modern and new… Lets hope proper markdown and links to images will stay intact! fingers crossed. uhm if you would need any help with it, drop me a line mate!

Goodness, I hope what you end up with is better than the discourse demo???
The demo interface is absolute shit! Surely there is a better option for you?

I would use V bulletin or something like it any day over discourse

(I’m checking it on Samsung galaxy note 9 and a little disappointed to be honest)

Vbulletin offer plans for 25gb bandwidth at $15month…75gb is $29month. Way better setup than discourse.

Even phpbb is better and that’s open source!


sometimes you should be quiet, non of the interface was tested by anyone meaning by public - including you. New interface will do better for all of the developers including me and (uh you if you do contribute even single dot to code - if ever!). Why don’t you just do the same shit you are doing past couple of - years perhaps months and enjoy the gpl version and as I see paying the pro version - that you are using without simple contribution to opensource code (even as this business is) - just stop your idiotic noise vb is not better then discourse and they are loosing fast - everyone with the brain know it… give your self an favour and don’t be an idiot in public domain - get lost morron hosted at People should know that you are using open source towards them and that you not paying the licences or next to nada to use it against them… yes yes your hosting - perhaps you paying the support but its peanuts against you are charging… so go back to shithole and do not abuse this community ! pls.


you did flood virtualmin guys with common questions out there - I was like really ? once you learned - no (finally)tickets from you… - shame on you.

Anyway - I am in very hope that we will have new forums without or with you, hate it or love it - I do not fucking care - all I want is better response to me as sysops and devops regards the linux (not the virtualmin or whatever) - so - please register this - your idea is stolen to me - regardless if users can update me and great virtualmin team.

Take a short pause and breath all. :wink:

Clean air is rare these days. :wink:


thanks man :slight_smile: we are all the one, we are open source!