Forum Anti-Spam measures and moderated posts

Howdy all,

Some of you have noticed that we’ve been having issues dealing with spam lately.

On one hand, with all of our anti-spam measures in place we were seeing a lot of legitimate posts being held for moderation. Even though those don’t stay in the queue longer than a few hours before me or Eric got to it, we understand it can be frustrating to be looking for help and having an unnecessary delay put on that process, and we apologize for the inconvenience, if one or more of your messages got sucked into that maelstrom of failstrom.

On the other hand, nobody likes spam, and we get enough traffic to make a high value target to spammers. And, after disabling some of the anti-spam measures that were causing problems for people posting, we got a deluge of spam; sometimes 50 or more per day. Believe me when I say we hated that more than anybody (we had to clean it up!). We apologize for those annoyances getting through.

On the third, and final, hand, we believe we have fixed the problems. One of our remote testing services wasn’t working anymore, and we had to resolve that problem. But, now all of our anti-spam measures are back in place, and we’re hoping that people will no longer get auto-moderated at random.

If you do find yourself getting moderated, don’t panic! We see the moderation queue daily, and we will get your message posted, and we’ll keep banging on the problem if it persists.

Thanks for your patience!