Forum Abuse


I came to this forum asking for help via the following, now closed to me, forum:

Instead of constructive comments it quickly fell into abuse and whilst i cannot see the last few comments, the ones to make it to my inbox tell wonders:

what is actually wrong with what is actually wrong with the people.. you try to help them and and you are told to be muted.. fuck the ftp and fuck the idiots who do not understand it! spend more then 12 hours on reply to someone who is completely dicsucker.. what is wrong with admin ops or mods to not stop this earlier..

@ scott - you are an idiot, good luck - die and fck you.

I was not abusive in this forum, I may have miss understood something but from what i can remember I was polite and asking for help regarding why a default install of virtualmin would not have installed FTP correctly. As i need FTP working for a client I thought i’d post in that forum topic for help.

The responses are not what i was expecting for any kind of forum.

Is this acceptable behaviour here? I presume not…

Are these forums moderated?

I cannot see the last 2 comments made I cannot see if anything further was mentioned.

Sorry the above post was created by me on an alt account, which was created to see if this account had been blocked from that forum post as i dont understand why i am not allowed to view it.

These forums are moderated, but it’s mostly just me.

The thread was made private by the original poster and locked by Eric; we normally discourage that for forum posts, but in this case, I think it was wise. We’ve asked the abusive party to stop being an asshole; if it happens again (ever), we’ll have to ban him. The user in question is ordinarily very helpful and we’d hate to see him go, but we agree that his response was completely unacceptable behavior. We accept a certain level of grumpiness (lots of us are grumpy old Linux geeks), but abuse is always unacceptable. If you see that kind of behavior again from anyone, please report it in the issue tracker, and we’ll handle it. I try to stay on top of things here, but we’re a tiny team maintaining a huge project with a lot of users. Every day is a long day, including weekends.

Are you still having issues with FTP? Did you see the virtualmin-config release that addressed some ProFTPd issues a few days ago?

If the problems you’re having are the same as what that thread was about, you should be able to run the following:

# virtualmin config-system --include ProFTPd # systemctl restart proftpd

If that doesn’t fix it, let me know what the symptoms are and I’ll be able to help sort it out.

Also, as a Pro customer, you can file tickets in the issue tracker at any time.