Forbidden / Server not found


I have my own nameservers hosted on my new vps. I have set up a subdomain and uploaded many files there (ftp connects and shows files no problem). The organization is /home/maindomain and /home/subdomain. both have public_html in them. First, does this look right?

When I try to load my domain.tld I get message: Forbidden. You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

And when I try subdomain.domain.tld I get simple “firefox cant find server”

Where should I be looking for errors?

I am very newbie, so you’ll have to tell me where to find things and how exactly to print info and edit in command line. more comfortable with the gui. but eager to learn!

thanks so much


Do you have any files in /home/maindomain/public_html? Without an index.php or index.html or so, it would throw that particular error.

The error for subdomain.domain.tld sounds different though – it sounds as if the DNS for that isn’t working.

Are the nameservers for that domain pointed at your server? Or are they pointed at a third party?

If they are pointed at your server, is the DNS feature enabled? You can verify that in Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features.


Hi Eric,

In /home/maindomain/public_html I have a default.html, a stats folder, a squirrelmail folder (which will open in a browser), and a phpmyadmin folder. Looks like I need an index!

The nameservers are pointed at my server, and the ‘DNS domain enabled?’ is checked.

Thank you so much!

/home/maindomain/public_html/phpmyadmin/ has a index.php in it however, why is that?

checked appache error logs the gist of which say “AH01276: Cannot serve directory no matching directory index”


Yeah, default.html is what is used by Microsoft IIS. For Apache, you’d want to use an index file – index.html, index.php, or so.

If you put such a file in your public_html dir, does it load properly?


Thanks Eric,

I put a generic “hello world” index.html into my /home/maindomain/public_html folder and it pops up when I shoot my browser to the url.

My main problem is that my subdomina.domain.tld has a ph install script in, that allegedly should provide me a web interface if I direct my browser there. first nothing came up at all, then I realized I had ipv6 information but my server didn’t have ipv6, and when I removed that it showed up as forbidden like my main domain.

now the same “hello world” pops up when I direct my browser to subdomain.domain.tld, but I don’t know why this is. virtualmin informed me that /home/ would be where I found the folders for the domains/subdomina. The folders are there (/home/maindomain and /home/subdomain) but like I said subdomain.domain.tld is pulling up the “hello world” generic index.html that I specifically put into home/maindomain/public_html and not into /home/subdomain/public_html.

Thanks for helping me out, I am learning so much! I really appreciate it.