Forbidden on apache


I recently installed on a server that was being used for uploading domain pages. But recently, we hired a web dev who needs it as a production server and would rather have FTP access for each domain. So I decided to get Virtualmin, and installed that as an addon from Webmin.

All went fine, except now under the /home situation I get the:

Forbidden You don’t have access to / on this server

The directory is owned by the user/group that virtualmin created. I put an index.html file in public_html and even chmod 750. Still, nothing.
When I disabled the virtual server through, it showed “Website disabled” (if that helps)

Please help!


It sounds like you’re saying you performed a manual install of just the Virtualmin module, rather than using the automated script to set things up… does that sound correct?

That’s a more complicated setup, though it certainly can work.

The manual installation docs are here:

For the issue you’re seeing though, you may want to check the Apache access and error logs (in $HOME/logs/error_log), just to make sure that the requests are being routed to the correct domain.

If they aren’t, the docs here describes some ways to troubleshoot that issue:

My apologies for forgetting to respond.
I just got a fresh server and started from scratch. All is working now except domain A can see domain B and other domains’ databases :frowning: