Forbidden error with Virtualmin Drupal Multisite install


I’m trying to install a Drupal multisite with Virtualmin so that every site has his own mailbox.

  1. I created in Virtualmin the “” top-level server. I copied the drupal core files in /home/domain1/public_html/

  2. In “/home/domain1/public_html/sites/” I create the folder : “”.
    In the browser I go to and install Drupal.

  3. In virtualmin I create a new server called “” which is alias of

  4. In “/home/domain1/public_html/sites/” I create the folder : “”.
    In the browser I go to and install Drupal.

  5. This works fine from the websites point of view: when I type “” in the browser, the page for shows, and when I type “” in the browser, the page for shows.

I can create an email address and when I type “” in the browser I can access the email.

However, I tried to create an email address and didn’t find any way to do it.

So I did the following further steps :

  1. In Virtualmin I delete the server alias since it can’t have any email addresses that end in “”.

  2. I create a new top-level server for in Virtualmin. Now the email should be ok.

  3. I edit the file /etc/apache2/sites-available/ :
    I change the line “DocumentRoot /home/domain2/public_html”
    and replace it with “DocumentRoot /home/domain1/public_html”
    because I would like to use the Drupal multisite install which is locate in the “/home/domain1/public_html/sites” folder

Now when I try to access “” in the browser I get the following error :
“Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server.”

I guess this is because the user created with the top-level server tries to access the directory public-html in the folder of domain1.

What can I do? I need to either:

A) Find a way to have a mailbox for a server alias
B) Allow other users to access directories in domain1 folder.


Trying A) to give an email to server alias “domain2”:

I noticed that when “” is selected in the Virtualmin drop-down selector, if I click on Server Configuration / DNS Options then click on Save, a list of links shows up.

If I click on “Manage mail and FTP users”, I have new options such as “Add a user to this server”.

When I click on “Add a user to this server”, I can create a new user “user2”, with email address such as “” and in "Email settings’ the radio button for “Primary email address enabled?” is set to “Yes”.

However when I click on save, then check back by clicking on the user name, the radio button “Primary email address enabled?” has automatically been switched to “No”. Also if I try to login at “” with the user just created “user2” and the email address “”, I get the error “Failed to create /home/domain1/domains/ : No such file or directory”

It’s actually pretty simple.

Instead of creating a server alias or a sub-server, I create a top-level server for

Then I erase the public_html folder located at /home/domain2/public_html

Last I login the command line and I type " ln -sf /home/domain1/public_html/ /home/domain2/ " so instead of a public_html folder in domain2 there will be a symlink pointing to the public_html folder of domain1.

also the cool thing is that you can install roundcube for just domain1, and it will work for domain2 as well since they share the public_html