Fixed Email problem on Debian initially, but now saslauthd, doesn't start anymore

I went through:
and it seems to have fixed my initial problem sending mail. But later on, saslauthd doidn’t run anymore, trying to restart failed:

h997907:/var/log# invoke-rc.d saslauthd restart
Stopping SASL Authentication Daemon: (not running).
Starting SASL Authentication Daemon: (failed).
invoke-rc.d: initscript saslauthd, action "restart" failed.

How can I find out, whats the reason for it?


found the problem, but not the reason:
Mar 25 14:37:45 h997907 saslauthd[[7935]]: detach_tty : could not lock pid file /var/spool/postfix/var/run/saslauthd/ Resource temporarily unavailable
Mar 25 14:37:45 h997907 saslauthd[[7934]]: detach_tty : Cannot start saslauthd
Mar 25 14:37:45 h997907 saslauthd[[7934]]: detach_tty : Another instance of saslauthd is currently running

Why did:
invoke-rc.d saslauthd restart
not tell me that another salsauthd instance is running? Or evestating wrongly, that its not running, while it is?

Any ideas?


I killed the running saslauthd processes and restarted, but I still can’t send mail anymore.


I needed to go back to a working install… I think the problem is caused by the extreme low memory (see my other threads).
However, its strange that restarting both services didn’t solve it. I will keep an eye on that.