FIXED-Dns Not updating via Dynamic IP Changes

Hi, Any help in this would be very much appreciated.

I have done all the config tests and everything shows as okay in the modules etc.

I have set up the dyndns updater to update my domains etc.

The Problem is that when my ip changes, DNS for the sites i have are not updated. So the system looks to the old IP for the site.
I set myself as the mail recipient for the dyndns updater email, and i get the following after manually changing the ip in DNS so that i can check my mail.

The IP address of has been successfully updated to
xx.xx.xx.xx with DynDNS. No virtual servers have been configured to use the new IP address.

This is probably a simple config change to use the new ip on detecting it, but can someone show me the way as i can not find where it is set.

All the domains are set as a shared ip and the shared ip is a dynamic public address available on the net.


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Okay, I have figured this out.
The first site i make was somehow not connected to the main IP address and was static on my old ip so did not update.

I simply deleted the virtual site and re-created it, setting its ip to the main real ip address,

now it and all my sites update with changes. :slight_smile: