[fixed] Backups from me-south-1 not working for s3 bucket on ap-south-1

I’ve tried to create backups using s3 buckets from an ec2 instance in me-south-1 to s3 bucket in ap-south-1 region.

I remember it was used to work on older versions but on latest version it always fails with error

… upload failed! Invalid HTTP response : HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

is there any option for setting up the region of bucket in the backup configuration?

**OS type and version:Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3 REQUIRED
**Webmin version:1.981 REQUIRED
**Virtualmin version:6.17-3 REQUIRED
**Related products version:aws-cli/2.4.6 Python/3.8.8 Linux/5.11.0-1022-aws exe/x86_64.ubuntu.20 prompt/off RECOMMENDED

for some reason the credentails were saved wrongly in the default config file, below is the format in which they were saved.
I’ve saved them using Cloud Storage Providers feature under Backup and Restore


aws_access_key_id = AKIA–access_key_id–HP
aws_secret_access_key = AKIA–access_key_id–HP

but on the gui it was showing correct secret access key
after changing the aws credentails file it is working just fine.

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