First time installation

Hello guys sorry my delay but i decided to register new domain name also for this installation and i made the configurations on my hostname set now as To be able to proceed with the installation of virtualmin using putty. I want to add that i also made the configurations for the nameservers, as i read a lot about fully qualified domain name (or FQDN).

All the domains will point now to: and with my hosting provider IPs.

Right now, i made the download of virtualmin, i have choosen the gpl version, i want to try this one first and then maybe upgrade or later make a new installation of the Pro version.


I have made the installation of virtualmin, in fact in youtube i found a really nice tuturial that helps a lot, step by step and there in that video, i made a few steps only to make my virtualmin working not all, this tuturial comes in 7 steps and i watched just till video 5, it really worked for me.

Here are the links for you guys, i hope it helps you as it helped me:

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -

This ones you can use if you need to install a wp script for example or a joomla, among others.

6 -
7 -

My nameserver is now working in the vps and it seems that my domains are now pointing at him, i have created inside 4 accounts, logged in and out from multiple users, all seems fine, made a few tests in the users accounts, such as try the browsers, place testing homepages, now i am going to try some ftp settings and also email accounts.

I really enjoy Putty now, thanks to you guys, Locutus and andreycheck, since day one of this post you guys were great and helped me a lot, i learn now how to make the installation, and i am a complete newbie and till now all my tests seems ok, it is in fact a better and cheaper solution for any user, and i really like the enviroment, simple and fast.

With this, i learned a new coding experience (thanks) and i made my vps running! (thanks again)!

I cant wait now too explore more things on it.