First MX Server to delete virus and spam of a domain

Hello, i’m thinking if Virtualmin can i configure to have the first mx of my domain, receive all my mail of my domain, delete virus and spam with SpamAssasin, and finally reply all email trafic to my Exchange server.
I’m searching have my Exchange email server free of bad mail, close all smtp ports and only open to my externally virtualmin server to receive the clean mail.

¿Is it possible with Virtualmin ???

Thanks and best regards


To run virus and spam checking against email, the recipient of the email has to have an email account on the server.

So the first step would be to create the email accounts that should be spam and virus scanned on your server.

Then, there are two things you can do there –

  1. Have all the email delivered to your Virtualmin server, and have Exchange poll the Virtualmin server every N minutes, and pull the email down.

  2. Setup each of the email accounts on your Virtualmin server to forward any incoming email to your Exchange server.

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a way to do that which doesn’t require creating the accounts on the Virtualmin server.


On a high level , you could setup postfix as smtp relay and use amavis(d-new) to scan mail before relaying. You probably would use webmin (not vm) to do this.