Firewalld installed but not showing in webmin/virtualmin

Centos 7.9 - webmin 1.84

I have set up firewalld to run with systemctl commands from command line and is working blocking specific IP addresses, but would like to add the grpahical interface/config interface into webmin/virtualmin.

However it is not present in ANY option on the main control panel, not even in unused servers page.

I have searched the web without results as to HOW to add firewalld configurations into the webmin control panel.

This is the control panel for root, not any hosted domain and I have full root access.

I can edit the config file for firewalld quite easilly but would prefer the graphical interface for adding rules as command line entry is quite time consuming!

This is a basic vps webserver.

Thanks for any suggestions



FirewallD has a module in Webmin/Virtualmin, even with the dated CentOS 7 it should be available.

Webmin > Networking > FirewallD

Try Refresh Modules from the bottom of the Webmin menu.

Only place I didn’t look was under networking!

Thanks so much for pointing out my rather silly error!


One more question. It lists all the firewalld rules I have created from the command line (rejected IP addresses) but is there any way to add these specific rules without the command line…would make life easier rather then repeat typing say firewall-cmd etc etc for a single IP.

Just wondered!