Firewalld Default rules?

I have just successfully restored my Virtualmin on another server from backup.
The problem is - if Firewalld is running - all services are blocked, even Webmin. So I have to stop the Firewalld service from Shell to be able to access Webmin, mail and everything else.
When I looked into Firewalld configuration I notice, that all default rules are lost.

So, does anybody know the exact rules, so I can re-create?


In Webmin | FirewallD, click the icon on the top left corner to go to its modele configuration section. Do you see:
Full path to firewall-cmd program: firewall-cmd
FirewallD init script name: firewalld
If not, apply the above and the ‘lost’ rules might reappear under Webmin | FirewallD

Additionally, I am attaching for your reference the rules in what is likely a default install of Virtualmin:

Thank you very much for the attached image for my reference, it is exactly what I needed so I can recreate the rules on my server.
The module is selected properly, it is not what caused the issue.

Thank you very much for your help.

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