Firewall settings in Virtualmin/CentOS 8


Can you help understand what security settings are used in Virtualmin on CentOS 8?

Under Webmin -> Networking I see:

  • Fail2Ban Intrusion Detector
  • FirewallD
  • Linux Firewall
  • Linux IPv6 Firewall

None of them seems to be active, however!

Thanks, Julius

After installing Virtualmin, you will get a message on Linux Firewall and the Linux IPv6 Firewall:

Warning! It appears that FirewallD is being used to generate your system’s firewall. Maybe you should use the [FirewallD module] instead.

I suggest that you use FirewallD and leave the modules for what is its, unless you are technical enough to reconfigure your firewall, Fail2Ban is no firewall and can be used to dectect certain attack levels and has filters to recognize them…i suggest to use it with your system!

I have installed many instances of Virtualmin but I have never received any Linux Firewall messages.

I enabled Firewalld through CLI but I am still testing to make sure it stays active (a few times it was deactivated by Virtualmin).

FirewallD is what is configured by default during installation on CentOS 8 and what is recommended. It’s possible something went wrong…you should have seen an error during the config stage of installation, if that’s the case.

I believe it did. After “enable” through CLI, it is running fine now. I even rebooted to make sure it would start during boot and it does. Only thing that does start during boot is Nginx (I guess I’ll open another thread for that, if need be!)

Thank y’all for your input!

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