Finding/Using SMTP address:port

I am having trouble finding out what my smtp address/port is. When I run netstat to find out if it’s listening on port 25 I see this…

tcp 0 0*

Similar to my ssh port which I can telnet into but not port 25. I have a forwarding option setup to redirect to an external email which I think indicates it works for incoming/outgoing email. So mail is working to some degree, just can’t find out how to connect to SMTP. Any ideas? Any more info needed?

The netstat result means that your system is listening on port 25 on all its IP addresses.

What is the problem exactly? Can’t you connect from the outside to port 25 on your system? That might be an issue with a firewall/router on or in front of your server.

With iptables -L you can verify that port 25 is open on your system. If it is, your hoster/ISP might be blocking the port externally.