Final results of redhat/centos 8 installation

First off, i have to offer a special Thank You for the extraordinary patience of Ilia and Joe.

The Centos-8 installation appears to be completed. There are a couple of very minor issues with Virtualmin, but I suspect these will be resolved shortly.

Virtualmin Redhat-8 install is trying to install PowerTools, which i believe is only allowed on Centos, hence this pull request.

The only Webmin install issue I see is that Webmin is started after the install and bypasses systemctl.

Here is how i got around that issue:

/etc/webmin/stop ; # this might not do anything?
kill -9 $(pgrep miniserv;) ; ## ??? this seems to still be required…?

systemctl enable webmin.service;
systemctl stop webmin.service;
systemctl start webmin.service;
systemctl status --no-pager --full webmin.service;

Installing Virtualmin needs to be run twice as the first run errors out, but this issue is very well known and will probably be resolved very soon. I have found to just run the manual “stop/start” sequence mentioned above inbetween my installation attempts.

Fantastic work on this installation procedure, people.


change sudo setenforce disabled; to sudo setenforce permissive; and then do the same in /etc/selinux/config.

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Thank you for your time and efforts too! We will consider your thoughts!