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Hi there.

Can anyone offer advice on how to filter outgoing mail.

I want to prevent sending mail generated through online forms that contain either certain URL,s or text strings in the body.

All my website online forms use SMTP to connect to the local server to send the emails - some of these emails are destined to the website owners gmail account and similar.

I have found many spammers visit multiple websites on the same server submitting the same information . Always using different ip addresses but with patterns in their form submissions that last for months.

I would really like to block those forms, server wide, from being sent.

All advice welcomed.

Thank you

can suggest :

  • postfix body checks may help if spam messages contain repeated spamwords/urls…

  • send website email through authenticated accounts (which usually also do antispam checks also)

  • use some website antispam techniques for your forms.

Cleaning of that you do in the Forms themself or complete Application, so look and ask there.
There should never be alowed links in webforms! So cleanup such mess, sanitize…

Also bad idea to have mails fromout webforms sending to GMAIL accounts, high risk of banned

I have deleted those mailforms from such custommers, you have to take care in your contract for that kind of stuff, that you are alowed to do that if they keep using ( dangerous or spammy) webforms.

Webforms in combination with mailforwards is so BAD , don’t …!!!

Is so let them pay for your extra work, of get rid of those while you’re box will again and again be on blacklists!

Yes it is hard and i don’t know how to get rid of webforms Custommers use for mail, was strugling to, so i get rid of Custommer that didn’t take care enough for it.

I hope for php sendmail forms there is a kind of serverwide block, so that only smtp on server self works, where you can handle some mail user stuff yourself.

Does someone know?

Just reading about the Honeypot Spam Prevention technique.

Worth investigating.


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