Files location

Hello :slight_smile:

I was wondering, I have a website with a lot of files (100 GB), where should I store all of these files? I could store in the main directory under home, or do you think I should put it somewhere else (another partition) and I just symlink the directory? If I do that, what about the backup?

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There’s no technical reason not to store them in the domain home. Lots of files in one directory or partition is not a problem under Linux. If the files were written to a lot, you might want them divided across multiple physical disks, for performance reasons…but that’s a lot more trouble than it’s worth if they are just files being downloaded.

As for backups, if you were to move them somewhere else, Webmin has a few backup modules, which make it pretty easy to add supplementary backups of specific directories. You could store them alongside your Virtualmin backups so they don’t get misplaced. (Webmin has most of the same capabilities as Virtualmin in terms of backing up to remote systems, S3, etc.)

Ok thank you :slight_smile: